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Even-Steven LLC uses a variety of Polyurethane Materials dependent on different applications. These products are engineered specifically for large slabs, small slabs, void fills, and soil stabilization. Polyurethane foam is the newest material being utilized in the concrete raising/leveling and soil stabilization industry and Even-Steven LLC is proud to bring these innovations to you!

Do you have water issue in your basement due to pooling of water near your foundation? Water always takes the path of least resistance and can often find its way into your basement if your sidewalk or patio is sloped improperly. Even-Steven can help!

Polyurethane foam is hydrophobic which means it is impervious to moisture. When lifting concrete with polyurethane foam it will flow into existing channels created by water and in most cases will seal these channels preventing future water problems.

Barely Visible!

Other methods can result in very unsightly marks and holes! With our unique method, we are able to keep the size of any holes drilled to an absolute minimum. Polyurethane concrete raising drills a nearly invisible 5/8” hole. This method also requires considerably fewer holes than traditional mud-jacking; and only minimal patchwork is needed. Get amazing results and it's less expensive too!

Nearly ZERO downtime!

In addition to the time and money saved, concrete raising/leveling is far less disruptive to day-to-day activities and the surrounding landscape. When an existing slab is removed and replaced, it takes days for the new concrete to be usable. New concrete is also subject to damage from weather, animals or unauthorized access for hours after it is placed. With high density polyurethane raising/leveling, there is no waiting for the concrete to cure. Within minutes you are able to walk on it, drive on it and enjoy it!

Concrete Raising/Leveling and Soil Stabilization Applications

Driveways and Aprons

Garage Floors



Stabilize leaning or sunken buildings and structures


Pool Decks

Basement Floors



HVAC/Utility Pads


DEEP FOAMJECTION creates man-made root systems with polyurethane foam!

Deep foam injection is the process of injecting a plural component polyurethane foam though a point, or pipe, that has been strategically placed in the ground at a prescribed depth. A common application for deep injection is compaction grouting for the repair of settled foundations – commercial, industrial or residential.


As a tree grows, the roots sprawl out in different directions. It is often suggested to prevent erosion that you plant trees that develop root systems. The root systems grow to intertwine with the dirt and hold it together. DEEP FOAMJECTION creates man-made root systems with foam.


Don't Replace It — We Can Raise It!
Replacing uneven concrete is expensive! Old methods were cumbersome and left unsightly marks. Not only is our method safe and easy, but it looks great and is less expensive.

No Need to Wait! Use It Right Away
With high density polyurethane raising/leveling, there is no waiting for the concrete to cure. Within minutes you are able to walk on it, drive on it and enjoy it!

It's Important To Act Now
These problems only worsen with time, and become more expensive to fix. With our FREE estimate, you'll see how much more affordable this process can be.

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